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    Tapping, spinning, clicking — there’s plenty of ways to fidget. The Click Spin Pen not only supports those quirky writing habits but actually encourages them. Housed in an aluminum body, the pen is equipped with a brass spinner, offering a better-looking alternative to channel that excess energy and staying focused on the task at hand. Each piece is made from American metal and machined in Minnesota.



    Small, light, and capable, Canon’s Powershot Zoom is a telephoto monocular designed for portability. Instead of hauling a traditional camera with a long lens into the woods, stadium, or park, it builds 100mm and 400mm optical zoom into the body, with a one-touch button to cycle between those two and the 800mm digital zoom. It has autofocus with face tracking for human subjects, integrated image stabilization, and has a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing full-res stills as well as 1080p video. WiFi and Bluetooth enable immediate sharing, and the built-in battery charges over USB-C while the captures are saved to a MicroSD card.



    With integrated star maps, the Stellarscope is your unique guide to the cosmos. The compact, kaleidoscope-like device uses adapters for your specific latitude with adjustable settings for the current day and time to select the computer-drawn star map that aligns with the night sky. With the guide, you’ll be apple to quickly identify over 1,500 stars and constellations. Designed by Bernard Vuarnesson, and manufactured in France, it’s accurate between 20 degrees and 60 degrees north or south latitude and includes a night viewing light.